“We ensure this sensitive relocation is secure”

Context: The critical importance of IT systems (IT installed base and IP telephony), network complexity and data confidentiality mean there is little room for improvisation when you relocate your business.

Our commitment: Ensure the relocation is planned, secure and reliable. Thanks to our proven methodology, you can feel reassured that every stage of your IT systems relocation is under control. IT and phone installed base, servers and wiring closets are operational exactly as planned so that every employee’s workstation will be connected in the same way as before from day one.


  • Analysis, inventory and labelling of IT equipment (screens, peripheral and central units).
  • Backups of client workstations and servers.
  • Take into account the logistical constraints of each site (arrival and departure).
  • Ensure data is secure, disconnect the whole park.
  • Ensure suitable packaging and traceability of equipment so that equipment starts up as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • Reconnect and test the whole IT park (individual equipment and servers).
  • Set up a help desk to support users in their new environment.
  • Meticulous audit of the server room, mapping of connections and creation of “departure” and “arrival” plans in order to position elements in wiring closets.
  • Disconnect and remove racks.
  • Reconfiguration according to the layout plan established during the preparatory phase.
  • Operational acceptance test.

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