“We help you to optimise your company’s equipment”

Context: you are legally obliged to carry out a logistical inventory once a year. It is a good opportunity to check, replace and align all your movable assets, while reducing purchase volumes and taxes on equipment and simply evaluate the need for shelf space. It may also help to plan the scale of your relocation as accurately as possible.  

Our commitment: Gather useful and reliable data concerning all movable assets as quickly as possible, while taking account of your operational constraints.


  • Develop a registration plan of movable assets.
  • Define the inventory process.
  • Collect data on movable assets, production of an inventory “bible”.
  • Descriptive nomenclature.
  • Guarantee a long-term inventory and traceability of all movable assets thanks to a tailored classification system and bar codes for each item.
  • Provide an inventory in a user-friendly electronic format (Excel or Access) to allow you to update movable assets in the dynamic management tool.
  • Issue a mission report
  • Update the inventory.
  • Update asset management software.

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