Logistics management stocktaking


"We will check that the relocation is adapted to suit the size of your company"

Context: You are organising a major relocation and your teams are unable to implement the project as planned. User needs have evolved and the initial plans and movable assets are not (or no longer) applicable.


Our commitment: Align the existing plans and movables with the company's current situation in order to facilitate the relocation and arrival of employees.     


  • General coordination of internal and external teams.
  • Receive orders and manage deliveries.
  • Continuously update plans, before and after relocation.
  • Inventory of movables, before and after relocation.
  • Optimisation of layout and workstations to ensure an ergonomic working environment.
  • Support the transition phase and implement internal communications tools so that all employees are on board.
  • Monitor subcontractors' compliance with their contractual obligations until delivery of the work and effective completion of the relocation.